Fire Alarm System by Fire Projects

Fire Projects offer SITC of complete range of advanced UL / ULC / FM / LPCB listed addressable and non-addressable fire alarm systems, detectors, signaling devices, accessories and service tools for various brand like Morley-IAS, Kentec, Esser, Notifier, GST, Ravel, Cooper, Honeywell, Edward, Fike, Hochiki, FAAST, Firenet, Ansul, ADT, Agni, Agni Devices, System Sensor and etc.

Customer has to take care for selecting, brand, make and model along with type of fire alarm system. We at Fire Projects help customer to take decision to select brand, make, model and type of fire alarm panel. Customer with small offices, factory, warehouse can go for non-addressable (conventional) fire alarm panel, where number of detection, signalling devices are less. Whereas customer with big offices, plant, big warehouse, shopping mall, number of rooms in offices can select addressable fire alarm panel,  where number of detection and signalling devices are many.

Conventional Fire alarm panel does not show exact location of MCP, Smoke detector, heat detector, hooter, where it has been activated, instead of showing location it show activation zone of device. Whereas Addressable fire alarm panel show exact location of MCP, smoke detector, heat detector and hooter or sounder strobe along with zone and location.

To view different model, make and brand of fire alarm system, Please visit page:

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